Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking for good examples of a vertically integrated ready to eat or ready to heat quality portable grocerant style food is not limited to traditional Restaurants, Grocery stores or Convenience Stores. Uwajimaya is a west cost leading niche Supermarket chain that is growing and perfectly integrates ready to eat and ready to heat Grocerant style food into their weekly, monthly marketing advertising programs. Uniquely position they integrated a multi-ethnic ready to eat advertising with all other department products into their Flyers, radio and in store messaging. The ability for them to focus on items the likes of “Draper Valley” Fryer Wings to “Niko Niko” Humbow and Mongolian Beef Sandwich is outstanding. Understanding product integration and channel blurring Uwajimaya successfully mixes traditional and niche specific products in an inclusive style that is consumer friendly while being inviting and intriguing. They understand that differentiation means familiar not different in food products. Successful integrating ready to eat within the stores drives frequency garnering a halo of fresh authentic quality. Which in turn garners top line value and bottom line profits.

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