Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Industry giant NPD who is now a food research leader in 9 developed countries released a report by Ann Hanson called A look into The Future of Eating on Tuesday July 7, 2009. In the press release most interesting was the note that Restaurant meals eaten in-home would rise 20 during the next ten years. This report appears to reaffirm ilk reports from The Hartman Group, and Technomic that “better for you” food and how people are eating is changing. Restaurateurs may face the largest challenges for restaurant quality style, packaging and a large variety of prepared food components that are portable are surfacing in Supermarkets, Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores. I call this trend that is obviously garnering much attention the Grocerant niche.
Restaurant quality food, prepped and portable is empowering the consumer’s choice on what and where to eat. No longer do consumers have to drive out of there way to a “destination” restaurant they can stop on the way home and pick up a variety of qualitative food components ready to eat. In the Grocerant sector the competition is heating up in Take-out & Take-Away. Bundled meal components are changing and evolving by region and family size. If you would like a strategic grocerant niche opportunity assessment leave a comment or contact Steven A. Johnson Foodservice Solutions in Tacoma, WA.

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