Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Domino’s engaging consumers via Facebook.

Understanding the consumer is something that Domino’s Pizza does better than anyone other pizza company in America. This week seeking consumer interactive brand participation Domino’s up-loaded to their home page the photo’s above.
Note: This is pizza is an ideation only, but garnering attention from consumers and competitors alike. Here is what some are saying “Uploaded to the brand’s Facebook page, this pizza makes use of cheese as a backdrop of snow, spinach as the leaves of the tree, sausage as the trunk, olives, red peppers and tomatoes as decor and a yellow pepper as the star.” 
Starbucks stated with online product ideations suggestion while many scoffed at the attempt, service, quality, store “look and feel” have all been influenced of late.  The consumer is dynamic not static allowing ones brand to grow with the consumer is a key element in continued brand growth.
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