Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restaurants can say yes to Food Stamps.

Food Stamp Recipients deserve the full range of Alternative and Affordable Meal Solutions. Food Stamps, or now more commonly called EBT cards (Electronic Benefits Transfer) should be accepted at Fast Food (QSR) restaurants.
Yum Brands did the right thing requesting permission to accept food stamps at fast food…its restaurants in Kentucky. Our question is: why not in every state?
The reported US unemployment rate is hovering at 8.9%, but we all know that combined with the underemployed and those not even looking any longer the unemployment rate is much closer to 20%. It's clear a large portion of America is going without. Unemployment numbers are disproportionately high for those under 24 and over 55 increasing anxiety while creating a climate of disorder in the workforce.
The NPD Group reports that" the number of annual restaurant visits by an average Millennial consumer (age 16 to 30) has dropped from 245 visits five years ago to 192 this year -- approximately one fewer visit each week. Additionally, a National Restaurant Association survey found that in July, restaurant performance dropped to its lowest level in almost a year, and restaurant owners predicted their worst overall performance expectations in 20 months. This gets more complicated as fast food blurs the lines between a meal and a snack .
Subsidized in part with food stamp programs Conveniences stores, Chain Drug Stores, Grocery Stores and now Walmart Express are increasing fresh food sales and garnering ready-2-eat market share.
Why Are the Food Police ignoring 45 Million people's needs in using food stamps for fast food?
QSR's, Fast Casual, Casual Dining and all other restaurant formats as well as deli's should be able to accept food stamps. Why?
Recession, stagnation or double dip… 45 million plus Americans are currently receiving assistance from the Food and Nutrition Service division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (the USDA SNAP), which oversees the food stamp program. Like most legacy government programs it's time to update this program ensuring participant parity and contemporized consumer relevance. For another view here is a link:

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