Saturday, November 9, 2013

Could 3D Printers Save QSR’s Cash? Is McDonalds Considering Evolving with Technology.

Leaders LEAD it’s just that simple.  Clearly McDonalds is the global leader in sales within the restaurant Quick Sector.  Technology has changed our lives and is evolving faster than most of us can keep up.  McDonalds UK IT director Mark Fabes while speaking on an emerging technologies panel in Munich said that he had been wondering if 3D printing could be used to print extra Happy Meal toys.

Everyone has at one time seen the temper tantrums kids can have when the cashier tells them that they have run out of the particular toy the child wanted. So let’s ask, could Happy Meal toys in the future be made with 3D printers to avoid meltdowns when popular toys run out?

The answer today would be yes.  The technology exist today to do that.  In five years it looks as if the technology could be fast enough to print all of them if a company the size of McDonalds were to get behind it.  It must be noted that The Register reported that Mr. Fabes, speaking on that emerging technologies panel in Munich, said it was not on the drawing board yet for McDonalds.

What other products could be printed in-store? Paper? What about wrap, simply printing it inside the store?  Think about the savings if you could print cups, tray’s, burger boxes?  Technology is evolving fast. McDonalds may not be trying this yet.  I however believe that leader lead and McDonalds is not giving ground in that area.
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