Wednesday, February 26, 2014

McDonald's, Wawa, 7 Eleven Bundled Against Taco Bell in Breakfast Battle

Success does leave clues and East Coast regional convenience store chain Wawa has long established its self as an AM daypart food leader. Each year Wawa sells over 195 Million cups of coffee the vast majority during the AM daypart.  Wawa offers fresh prepared breakfast offerings and impulse seasonal breakfast snack offerings that consumers bundle into customized breakfast.  The menu components contribute to driving growing customer counts and incremental sales year over year at Wawa.  Yum brands Taco Bell will not diminish Wawa’s bundled meal offerings during the AM daypart for many years to come.
McDonald’s with more than 14,000 restaurants across the United States has for several years offered any size coffee for $1.00.  No other restaurant company in the world is better at offering bundled meal solutions day in and day out like McDonalds.  The ability of McDonald’s to bundled proven branded legacy offering meal components with coffee will create competitive price points that will stifle Yum Brands Taco Bell franchisee from realizing sustained incremental profits for at minimum three years.
7 Eleven’s fresh prepared food offerings have fueled both new stores sales growth and same store sales growth. Always competitively priced 7 Eleven has found success with Millennials in trial and positive discovery of breakfast and meal component offerings.  Here again 7 Eleven has twice as many locations in the United Sates as does Taco Bell.  Pricing and continued Millennial trial and discovery will benefit 7 Eleven while diminishing the long term financial stability of Taco Bell’s breakfast. 
Taco Bells franchisee will harbor the long term cost of Yum Brands, Taco Bell nationwide breakfast rollout.  Yum Brands will see incremental sales bump from the trial and garner incremental franchisee revenue. The Waffle Taco and the Crunchwrap will have a hard go against McDonald’s Wawa, and 7 Eleven.
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