Saturday, March 15, 2014

Retail Food Innovation with Consumer Relevance McDonalds

Consumers value food quality, food prepared consistently, and cleanliness from places that they eat.  Most important today they expect food innovation, social engagement and transparency / authenticity. McDonalds is the global restaurant leader in large part because they do just that.
Cherry Blossom season in Japan is celebration of the end of winter, a renewal of sprint and ephemeral nature of life.  In short it is a really big deal a time of celebration and country unity. McDonalds understand and incorporated into its spring LTO’s brand and customer edifying offerings. Including the following:
A mildly pink-colored burger called Sakura Teritama.  The original teritama burger is one of the most popular seasonal burgers offered by McDonald’s Japan. It consists of a pork patty coated with Teriyaki sauce and cooked egg.

This Cherry Blossom version Sakura Teritama has the Teriyaki flavored pork patty, egg, but the buns come with aa very delicate flavor of cherry blossoms and pink mayonnaise that includes red radish. In addition Sakura cherry drinks will also be released with this LTO.  

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