Saturday, March 1, 2014

Are Restaurants Getting Out Flanked by Computers and Food Trucks?

The Culinary Institute of America has been turning out world class chefs since 1946. Those chefs are scattered around the world running some of the most acclaimed restaurants today. However,  when it comes to turning out world class menu’s there is a team of “Geeks” at IBM that are doing a great jobs as well.  The restaurant industry is changing fast.  Is your chain evolving as fast as consumers?

Highly trained, well-educated computer scientist at IBM have created a Food Truck That Is Actually Serving IBM's Insane Computer-Generated  Menu Items" . , If you would like to see some really interesting photos of IBM Cognitive Cooking Food Truck click that link or the picture about.

The Culinary Institute of America while they have great chefs may not over time be able to keep up with super-computer generated menus that someday just might have the ability to be customized for the customer when they walk in the door. 
IBM says that chefs can work with 3 or 4 ingredients at a time... but beyond that, are brains are not wired for that level of complexity.  Does your Chef need some Outside Eyes?
So the IBM Cognitive Computer takes a starter ingredient from a chef, with some additional parameters and then crunches hundreds of ingredient combos in seconds. But "mixing things up" so to speak so quickly, the chefs come up with really interesting recipes.
According to "chefs have already made include Creole shrimp-lamb dumpling, Baltic apple pie, and Turkish bruschetta. The cognitive computer is different from a regular search engine in that it eschews existing recipes, instead instructing the chefs to combine wildly different ingredients and flavors into the same, never-made-before dishes. "

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