Friday, March 7, 2014

Rutter's Farm Stores Much More than a C-store

When it comes to understanding the grocerant niche and Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh food. There are very few as good at it as Rutter’s Farm Stores. Rutter’s continues to growing top line sales and bottom line profits while building customer loyalty with differentiated fresh prepared food.

This year during the Lenten season Rutter’s Farm Stores as yet another seafood option added to the menu--crab cake sliders. With a keen understanding of the importance of mix and matched meal component bundling is to the success within the grocerant niche Rutter’s is sure to win with this offering..

 Rutter’s “Maryland-style crab cakes are fried and can be ordered in quantities of one, three, six or twelve. Each crab cake order can also be mixed and matched with the other options available, chicken, meatball and burger sliders.”  Adding consumer focused customization and personalization customers can top the sliders with cheddar cheese, tartar sauce and Old Bay seasoning. Rutter’s is doing this the “Grocerant Way” according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru.

Rutter’s continues to build consumer relevance keeping pace with industry and consumer trends. In addition Rutter's “added soft pretzel bites to the menu as a new snack option. The pretzel bites come 10 to an order and the customer can add salt, garlic, cinnamon sugar and old bay seasonings. Marinara sauce, nacho cheese and nutella are also available for dipping.” Again mix and match, customization and personalization.

Rutter’s Farm Stores are much more than a legacy convenience store offering other items the ilk of Pastrami Burger Melt, Mini Tacos Rutter’s has proven itself a regional leader at minimum and a national example of how fresh prepared food offerings with contemporary relevance can drive top line sales and bottom line profits.

Outside eyes can deliver top line sales and bottom line profits.  Invite Foodservice Solutions® to provide brand and product positioning assistance or a grocerant program assessment. Since 1991 Foodservice Solutions® of Tacoma, WA has been the global leader in the Grocerant Niche. 

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