Saturday, March 28, 2015

McDonald’s Integrated Brand Marketing Success or Madness?

Last week Adage reported that some Philippine consumers were surprised by a” toll booth turned into a McDonald's drive-thru, which treated them to a free toll and a free breakfast. Consumers in Ho Chi Min City may get customized Coke cans with McDonald's #ImLovinIt printed on the side. In Sydney, people will be encouraged to jump into a coffee-cup-shaped ball pit.” It’s not madness it is integrated brand marketing at its best. 

The new global integrated campaign, called "Moments of joy," is the latest iteration of the chain's brand refresh launched early this year. The effort marks McDonald's biggest global push since "I'm lovin' it," said McDonald's Senior Director-Global Brand Development Matt Biespiel.

Mr. Biespiel, told Adage “as the company seeks to connect with young people. To reach that audience, he said that McDonald's is working to evolve into more of a content producer rather than simply a large advertiser that buys massive amounts of traditional media.

Mr. Biespiel continued “the company knows it needs to reach people who are "moving across screens," in particular millennials. "We have to try different things. Some thing work out well, some don't. Part of our culture of continuous improvement, and with this we're trying new methods we've never tried before."
McDonalds is extending customer relevant messaging with this life and lifestyle interactive fun consumer focused integrated brand push.   

Activations in Manila, Ho Chi Min City and Auckland, New Zealand, will follow shortly after. Other countries that will be part of the campaign include Japan, Italy, China, France, Poland, Brazil, Romania, Argentina, the U.K. and the U.S. In the U.S., the company will put on a Ne-Yo concert; the R&B singer has been crowdsourcing lyrics for a new song via social media that he'll perform at the show. In London, pop star Jessie J will host a concert on a double-decker bus.

Boots’ wallpaper or clothing McDonald’s is doing this program right and I am simply Lovin it!

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