Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Order Your Popeyes Cajun Turkey Before They Run Out

Thanksgiving family traditions are a platform for family unity and Popeyes Cajun Turkey is a sure fire way to spice things up for the holidays while bringing the family together.  However this year more than any other it is important to order you Cajun Turkey right away.  Regular readers of this blog know Popeyes Limited Time Offers (LTO’s) over the past two years have and continue run out often and early.  
According to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® who recently stated the monthly special LTO’s at Popeyes run out earlier and earlier every month disappointing regular customers, new customers, and wasting precious advertising dollars for franchisees.  Here is the good news the Cajun Turkey is back.
Hector A. Muñoz, Chief Marketing Officer Popeyes stated “We’re once again bringing our signature Louisiana flavor to holiday meals and this year more Popeyes restaurants than ever are offering Cajun Style Turkeys. So come down and get yours before they’re gone.”  Our readers know they mean that.
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen kicks off the holiday season with one of its longest running and most flavorful traditions, Cajun Style Turkeys. Infused with a special blend of Louisiana spices and seasonings, Popeyes Cajun Style Turkeys are flash fried to seal in the unique flavor creating a delicious coating.
Popeye’s Cajun Turkey is our favorite LTO of the year it is consumer interactive and participatory, it expands the brands, drives awareness while creating ‘lifelong’ loyalty.  Even the ‘leftovers’ have become a platform for family unity.  Below is Popeye’s Recipe: Popeye’s Cajun Fried Turkey and Sausage Jambalaya by the way it’s Great!
Yield: 9 – 1½ cup servings per recipe. 
½ Cup Peanut Oil ¾ tsp. Ground Black Pepper 
6 Ribs Celery Diced ½ tsp. Red Cayenne Pepper 
4 Medium/Large Onions Diced Large 3 Bay Leaves 
1 Large Bell Pepper Diced 1 lb. Sliced Sausage (Your Choice) 
1 Bunch Green Onion Chopped 1½ tbsp. Paprika 
3 tbsp. Garlic Chopped 1 lb. Leftover Turkey Diced 
½ tsp. Salt (season according to taste) 2 Quarts Turkey Stock* 
1 tsp. Dried Thyme 1 Quart Rice
Preparing Turkey Stock:
Place turkey bones from Cajun Fried Turkey into a large stock pot cover with 3 quarts water. 
If available toss in 3 celery ribs and two quartered onions (peel included), 1½ tbsp. garlic, simmer for 30 minutes. 
Remove from heat allow to cool and strain 
Reserve 2 quarts of stock for Jambalaya recipe and discard remainder. 
Preparing Jambalaya:
Dice onions, bell peppers and celery. 
Measure Peanut Oil into stock pot and heat on medium high heat. 
Add celery and sauté 3 minutes, as oil reheats add green peppers and sauté for 3 minutes more. Finally, add onions and sauté until all vegetables are cooked through. 
Add sliced sausage and all seasonings, and continue to sauté. 
Add turkey, rice and turkey stock to the pot and stir. 
Cover and reduce heat to simmer for 25 minutes.

If you have not had Popeyes Cajun style Turkey the team at Foodservice Solutions® wholeheartedly recommends that you try one this year.  Success does leave clues and this is one fast food LTO’s that even the Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson personally recommends. 
So  even if you have been personally disappointed by Popeyes haphazard marketing of LTO’s this year as we at Foodservice Solutions® have we recommend this one with a warning don’t wait order soon or you will be left out. 

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