Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Meals a Melting-Pot of Food, Family, and Friends

In the United States we have celebrated Thanksgiving since 1621. That first celebration lasted three days and was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims according to Plymouth Colony archives.  Thanksgiving today is not much different as the tradition reflects a mix of influences, including economic, ethnic, generational, health, pop culture and social structure, according to new research findings from The NPD Group.
Today's Thanksgiving meals are celebrated by most Americans and they celebrate the meal at home, whether it be theirs or someone else’s. Approximately 48 percent of Americans eat their Thanksgiving meals at home, while 44 percent eat at someone else’s house. Only 3 percent will eat their meal at a full-service restaurant, NPD found. Here are some additional fun Thanksgiving Facts:
1.The meal most likely to be eaten at a restaurant on Thanksgiving is breakfast (19 percent).
2.  29 percent of holiday celebrations include an item sourced Ready-2-Eat from a foodservice outlet,
3. 55 percent include items that were “completely homemade” from a restaurant or foodservice outlet.
The Thanksgiving table may look a bit updated from 1621 while there is still Turkey on most tables Americans are also beginning to seek out and identify with a food culture that reflects their friends and family. According to NPD that menu may not necessarily stem from their ethnicity.
Today’s consumers are more comfortable integrating various culture influences into their daily lives, including meals. Thanksgiving meals will integrate cultures into traditional Thanksgiving staples, like a Szechuan green bean casserole, or mashed potatoes made with Manchego cheese.
Holidays much like the United States itself have become a melting-pot for friends and family. Do you have a family meal, moment, or memory around food you would like to share with us?  Please do.  The more families and friends each of us intertwine with and adopting traditions and customs the happier and more understanding we all become. Happy Thanksgiving

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