Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fine Food Fast Wawa’s Mobile Ordering

It took a while but adding Google Chromecast to my smart TV clearly expanded my viewing and listening options.  Technology is integrating our daily lives and continues to evolve and Wawa’s smart mobile ordering app save you time while edifying Wawa’s brand with consumers according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, empowers customers to order their favorite hoagies from home, the office or while stuck in traffic.  

The Wawa app, allows you to bypass long lines at during the drive to work, at lunch time or on the way home.  The Wawa app includes mobile ordering.  Yes there is always a catch in the case of you will need to sign up for Wawa Rewards or  you’ll need to get a Wawa gift card.  Here’s how it works:

To order, click on the icon, which will bring up a menu. You can choose from beverages, breakfast, lunch and dinner, fresh baked goods and under-500-calorie options.

Select your item and choose your customizations. On a hoagie, you can select what size, whether you want white or wheat bread, types of cheese, spreads, toppings and whether you want it toasted.
Make sure your phone's location services are on, and select the right Wawa store before submitting your order. It's easy to cancel or modify an order once it's submitted.

Don't worry: Your Wawa order won't get cold waiting for you. To make sure your order is fresh, your order won't be filled until you are close to Wawa.

Stroll into Wawa and go to the cashier. You'll present a virtual order slip that pops up on the app to the cashier and pay with the app, cash or any credit card. I advise paying with the app to earn freebies and discounts.  Is your company looking a customer ahead Wawa is.  Success does leave clues. 

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