Sunday, April 9, 2017

Foodservice Success Never Sounded so Good

My first boss in the foodservice industry Ben Lava use to tell me all the time this is the foodservice industry not brain surgery don’t over think it.  Ben insisted I focus on cleanliness, service, food quality, and competitive pricing and you will build top line sales and bottom line profits he said.  I did it and it worked! 

When I read this new report on how music can increase restaurant sales by 9% I had to read on as I had heard about the role of music in foodservice for years.  Professor Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, who led the study stated “This is without a doubt the largest field study on the influence of music in restaurants to date, and we’ve analyzed an enormous pool of data …When done right, music has a major positive effect on sales, largely stemming from guests purchasing more items such as desserts and sides. Play the wrong music, and you just might find that you’re alienating that very same customer and selling significantly less.”

So, researchers at HUI Research, using Soundtrack Your Brand’s curation model and streaming platform, made the most ambitious study to date in this field of research. Over the course of five months in 2016, across 16 restaurants of a major restaurant chain, the researchers analyzed a pool nearly two million unique transactions.

They compared the sales impact of playing carefully selected choice of music that fit the chain’s brand with playing random popular music, and discovered that the difference in sales was 9.1 percent over the period of the study.

Music that fit the brand made people more likely to buy additional items than if the restaurant played random popular music. Sales of desserts, shakes and smoothies, as an example, rose by more than 15 percent, while sales of sides increased by more than 11 percent. 

Playing the wrong music, on the other hand, hurt sales.  Ok regular readers of this blog know: success does leave clues and our clue of the day is get expert advice and play the right kind of background music. 

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