Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Global food footprint of Grocerants continues to grow.

Despite the Global recession one of the most successful niches is the Grocerant Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Heat prepared food niche. The above picture is from McDonalds in Moscow, just in case you could not read the sign. It is simply one of the trendiest looking that McDonalds has opened. With customers sitting at the window with their laptops you just might think it was a Starbucks. Global brand competition is picking up for all brands. The opportunity to learn from quality operator’s world wide should be a required components of your ongoing educational tool kit.

In France the Grocerant niche has been booming since the 1979 the quality of food and range of offerings is exciting to view at Monoprix, Intermarche’ and Carrefour. In Germany the Haub family’s Tengelmann group of Supermarkets not only sell quality Grocerant style food but they are leading in development of climate-friendly stores they opened the first CO2-free supermarket in 2008.

Through-out Europe McDonalds franchisee’s like the McCafe concept because the platform entices customers to frequent during non-traditional rush periods. Particularly breakfast and mid-day break periods. American based food operators might do-well to visit these leading international players. They understand food, food consumers and have focused on bundling quality meal components to consumers for a long time. They are in fact breaking new ground and leading the way in the Grocerant niche. Grocerant program emersion tours and or program assessment are available from Foodservice Solutions in Tacoma, WA.

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  1. Funny, I just finished a blog article on "Healthier People in a Bad Economy".