Sunday, September 27, 2009

Restaurant chains are you trying to: Shrink your way to greatness?

Shrinking your way to greatness is Wall Streets way to rationalize continuing funneling money into restaurant concepts that have gone adrift in a world of there own making. Convenience Stores ones considered the outdated dinosaur of retailing have now transformed themselves into contemporize foodservice outlets. In fact in the Philadelphia - Delaware corridor Wawa is the third largest food retailer!
Convenience Stores and Grocery Stores have begun to sell ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared food that is better for you, portable packed with flavor and freshness. They simply took a page from the playbook of Restaurants added progressive innovation. Now they are wining the hearts and minds of the consumer. Many restaurant chains are saddled with the “we don’t do that attitude”; which is why they are languishing in a field of sameness. Fresh & Easy, 7 Eleven, Whole Foods, Sheetz, Central Market are breaking out by breaking out of the status quo. Restaurant chains that are simply trying to maintain the Status Quo, and utilizing Copy-Cat or Bandwagon Marketing my be shrinking themselves from greatness. There are clear reasons for what is happening. Grocerant program assessments available from Foodservice Solutions based in Tacoma, WA 253-759-7869.

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  1. US adjusted retail sales accumulated growth rates August 2006 - July 2009 are flat-lining for food and beverage stores (48.3%) and food services operations (81.0%, but down 0.1% for grocery stores (46.1%). As seen, food services are growing much faster yet turnover is less than for other types, $38 billion v. $49 billion for food and beverage stores and $44 billion for gorcery stores.

    Between May - June 2009, the retail turnover situation in Japan for various types of stores:

    Food and beverages down from JPY 275 to 261 billion.

    Fast and daily foods down from JPY 230 to 222 billion.
    Processed foods down from JPY 205 to 201 billion.

    Food and beverages JPY 677 to 652 billion.

    France 2.2 - 1.6%
    Germany 1.3 - 0.6%
    UK 9.4 - 8.5%