Friday, September 25, 2009

Wawa: 21,000 reasons to look for work with a niche leader in foodservice!

I have written about Wawa, visited many a store and consider them one of the premier Convenience store chains in the United States. Wawa has some of the best Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared food found in the Grocerant niche today! If I were to have a complaint about Wawa it would be the pace of opening new units and specifically they have none on the West Coast! We want Wawa too! Recently in his column online entitled, Birds Eye View by, Wawa CEO Howard Stoeckel discussed with pride discussed job opportunities for college students including graduate leadership opportunities, student loan forgiveness and internship programs. Here is a quote from his column:
“Participants in the Wawa College Graduate Leadership Program and Internship Program learn important managerial skills and can qualify for Wawa to pay up to $21,000 of their student loans. It’s a win-win: through these initiatives we in turn are able to recruit and train the best and brightest college students and, in doing so, foster the development of the next generation of Wawa leadership. Ultimately, this allows us to continue to provide the best possible service for our customers and make each of the one million daily transactions at our stores engaging and memorable.
If you or someone you know would be a good fit for our internship or leadership training programs, I encourage you to visit to learn more and to apply. Here’s to the most convenient future yet! “
I feel anyone interested in entering retail or foodservice should give consider thought to joining Wawa. They from what friends have Wawa employees have informed me have outstanding Medical, dental and pay that complements a level of professionalism in operations that is unparalleled in the foodservice sector. In the northeast you hear people say “I love my Wawa” they mean it and I am sure if you join there team you will say the same.

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  1. I grew up down the road from WAWA headquarters. The company is owned by the DuPont family.
    They have a great variety of 'stuff' in the non-traditional sense. However, they still don't make very good "Hoagies". And they put the local mom/pop groceries out of business too.