Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time to follow the leaders!

Lets try to peek at what 7-Eveven just might be next in fresh food here in the US. Looks as if it’s going to be real food not roller food and since they seem to be copping of the industry leaders they I am sure can refine these and will be a big boost to sales over time. reports that in Australia the new “stores will offer a range of 45 new freshly prepared food items, developed with market trends in mind. The new offer includes a hot breakfast menu of bacon and egg muffins, ham and cheese croissants, and toasted sandwiches cooked to order, according to the report. Other foods include focaccia, pizza, soups and salads.” The Grocerant niche is filling fast with On-The-Go offerings which are getting better in quality and price.
Currently McDonalds restaurants in Chicago participating in the "Build Your Breakfast" offer six $1 items: two hot cakes, a fruit 'n yogurt parfait, a sausage biscuit, a sausage McMuffin, two hash browns or medium coffee. If consistency equals quality then while the economy is in a quagmire price just might be the straw to tip the scale in favor of both of these strong industry leaders in both niche locations and competitive consumer relevance.
It is obvious that fresh food and On-The-Go Grocerant offerings are top of mind in the industry. These are two global giants do not discount what they are doing. Success Leaves Clues and following both industry and niche leaders McDonalds and 7-Eleven are a clue that should not be missed. ? For more or contact information use these links: or

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