Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Zoës Kitchen Lite Meals & Snack Boxes

Small meals, lite meals, fresh food, fast food Zoës Kitchen, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant understands the importance consumers place on grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food that has the halo of ‘better-for-you’ according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.
This month Zoës Kitchen introduced a new line of Snack Boxes, new Quinoa Salad, along with a “Zoës for a Year” Facebook giveaway, along with an email and social media campaign providing tips and inspiration for Living Mediterranean. The new line of lite meals and snack boxes all have the ‘hallo’ of ‘better-for-you’ built into them.
Zoës Kitchen is a leader in Mediterranean cuisine, Zoës Kitchen is committed to elevating awareness and benefits of the region’s approach to nutrition and living by offering fresh, better-for-you dining options inspired by the countries and flavors of the Mediterranean. Here is part of the new line:
1.       Modern Mediterranean Snack Box: (Gluten free) grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, original hummus, cucumbers and tomatoes. A post-workout refuel option that’s high in protein with 36 grams.
2.       Hummus Duo & Veggies Snack Box: (Gluten free) original hummus, pesto hummus, cucumbers and tomatoes. A tasty vegetarian option that is only 390 calories and makes a great afternoon snack.
3.       Balanced Bites Snack Box: grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, pasta salad and mixed fruit. Great for kids on-the-go!
4.       Zoës NEW Quinoa Salad incorporates quinoa mixed with carrots, cabbage, green onion, red peppers, tomatoes, and celery, sprinkled with feta and tossed with a  zesty lemon vinaigrette.
Kevin Miles, CEO and president at Zoës Kitchen  stated “There is a growing demand for convenient snacking options that satisfy hunger as well as nutritional needs,” … “Whether it’s an afternoon snack at the office or a quick bite between school and soccer practice, snack boxes in addition to our Fresh-Take Tubs, are wholesome, fresh, on-the-go solutions that are perfect for our guests’ busy lifestyles.”
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