Monday, May 1, 2017

Papa Murphy’s Evolve or Else

 Grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food has been driving top line growth and bottom line profits in every sector of foodservice retail for 11 years according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.  Papa Murphy’s has excelled within the niche and is setting the stage to drive incremental sales and profits according to Johnson. 

Papa Murphy’s has elected to evolve with the world’s largest retail marketing company Amazon.  Dan Harmon, Papa Murphy’s senior vice president of operations stated that they are “testing delivery at seven restaurants in the Portland, Ore., and Seattle areas with Amazon Restaurants.  

Regular readers of this blog know that Papa Murphy’s is a perennial winner of the customer choice Brand Metric Survey and adding a delivery options will Harmon went on to explain  “One of our top priorities for 2017 is to become even more convenient for our customers, and adding delivery is a way to help accomplish that objective,” …. “We anticipate delivery being a win for our customers and a win for our franchise owners as we refine the implementation with this test.” 

The test with the marketing giant Amazon is not exclusive as Papa Murphy’s is also in talks with other third-party providers to expand the service to other restaurants. This test is designed to learn how to integrate delivery into Papa Murphy’s daily operations, how the cost structure works with franchisees and customers. 

Jean Birch, Papa Murphy’s interim CEO, “Partnering with Amazon Restaurants makes us even more convenient for our customers….Our product is uniquely suited for delivery because, unlike a cooked pizza, it arrives fresh for customers to bake easily at home when it fits their schedule.”

Amazon Prime customers are the first to be able to use Papa Murphy’s delivery service either through one of the company’s mobile apps or on its website. Users can place orders with participating restaurants and track the status of their delivery.

Gus Lopez, general manager of Amazon Restaurants stated ..“We are excited to add a beloved brand to our growing selection of restaurant options for Prime members in Portland and Seattle. The service offers Papa Murphy’s the chance to leverage Amazon’s technological expertise in last-mile delivery to get food delivered to customers’ doorsteps in one hour or less.” 

If success does leave clues and it does delivery of pizza is a clue that will work for Papa Murphy’s and Amazon Prime is a excellent marketing tool for any foodservice retailer to have in their marketing tool kit. 

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