Thursday, February 7, 2019

Live Sports, Snacking, and Food Sales Success

With the Superbowl just concluded maybe we should look at how much is was spent and who is buying what?  One thing is clear that is live sports on TV drives incremental consumption of snack foods and if you are not offering consumers a package of snacks you are missing out, according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
So, who is spending what on ‘super bowl’ game day? Well, biggest spenders are those “ages 35-44 at an average $123.26 while the lowest are those 65 and older at $40.97. Viewers in the Northeast plan to spend the most, at an average $94.89, followed by the West at $84.01, the South at $79.09 and the Midwest at $69.24”.
Frito-Lay North America unveiled its inaugural U.S. Snack Index, a poll asking consumers what they plan to snack on during this year's big game.  Key insights from the U.S. Snack Index include:
1.       Nine out of 10 viewers plan to have at least one snack during the game. In addition, 80 percent of Americans will have potato chips or tortilla chips. 
2.       No two cities are exactly alike when it comes to Super Bowl snacking preferences. Chicago's top pick is popcorn. Los Angeles had the highest percentage of potato chip lovers, while Boston chose tortilla chips as their top pick.
3.       Nearly half of Gen Z and millennials selected cheesy snacks as a top pick. In addition, spicy snacks fared best with these age groups.
4.       Salsa was the overall top dip choice. French onion dip was the most popular dip for potato chips, while both salsa and guacamole came in high for tortilla chip dipping.
5.       More than one-third of those polled planned to share their photos on social media.
6.       More than half of viewers prefer to prepare simple recipes when they are attending a partly or hosting their own gathering.
Sporting events occur all year long.  How are you edifying your fresh food offering to garner a larger share of stomach?
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