Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ahold Delhaize Frictionless Checkout is Customer Relevance

Time is money, and as regular reader of this blog know the number one overall grip about shopping for groceries is how long it takes.  You all know grocery industry icon Bill Bishop who told us that back in the day. According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Bill was right then and he is right about it today.
OK, someone is listening it is Ahold Delhaize USA who plans to expand SCAN IT! That will speed the whole shopping expierence while adding relevance about how to shop for Millennials according to Johnson.
Ahold announced that the proprietary solution, which customers use by downloading their supermarket banner’s SCAN IT! Android or iOS app, is currently offered at select Stop & Shop stores and Giant Food Stores’ Giant Heirloom Market locations will speed up and enhance your shopping expierence.
Consumers with SCAN IT! Mobile, can scan product barcodes with their smartphone as they shop and put the items in their cart or bag. The app keeps a running tally of the groceries scanned. When done shopping, customers exit the store via a designated checkout lane, see a “payment approved” message appear while walking through and are charged for purchases.

Yes, SCAN IT! Mobile also incorporates a digital wallet that customers set up beforehand with their preferred payment method. Besides credit or debit cards, shoppers can pay via such platforms as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are integrated into the wallet.
Don’t have the app, not to worry, customers, too, can opt to use handheld scanners available at the front of the store for ringing up groceries while shopping. After scanning their items, shoppers then transfer the session to the SCAN IT! Mobile app on their smartphone and then proceed with payment by exiting the store through the designated checkout lane.
The fact is frictionless checkout brings convenience and technology together to meet the needs of our busy customers,” commented John Ponnett, senior vice president of retail operations at Giant Food Stores. “We’ve offered handheld scanning devices for several years, and as customer usage continues to increase, the next step was to align that offering with payment options, saving our customers even more time.” Are you adding customer relevance too speed-up service at your outlet?
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