Sunday, October 20, 2019

Did you Watch NFL or College Football this Weekend

Food Marketing success has a lot to do with timing and the bigger the chain the better they are about planning promotional tie-ins that are also consumer hot-button touchpoints according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
Well, if you did watch College Football on Saturday or NFL on Sunday there is a good chance you saw an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken wings. Yes, just in time for those who prefer to stay home and watch the ‘game’ on their “65 Inch HDTV”.
The Kentucky Fried Wings, are available in a “classic” un-sauced version or in Nashville Hot, Buffalo or honey barbecue sauces. They’re priced starting around $5 for 6 wings, $9.99 for 12, $18.99 for 24 and $36.99 for 48 and most locations now have delivery.
KFC is offering free delivery on orders of $12 or more for customers who order through, or Grubhub’s New York City brand, That offer is available through Nov. 24.
Get this, chicken wings have become part of the football experience for many Americans. The chicken industry’s trade association, the National Chicken Council, projected that Americans would eat around 1.4 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend alone.
But get this, KFC offered a 10-week “Seasoned Tickets” that give the buyer 48 chicken wings delivered to their home every week. On the 10th week, they get an extra 48 wings. Yes, that’s 528 wings valued at about $400, but at a cost of $75. The deal was apparently so good that the tickets sold out in less than two hours.
KFC’s Andrea Zahumensky stated “You would be hard pressed to find hot and fresh wings without the wait anywhere else,” … “Whether you are Team Nashville Hot or Team Honey BBQ, our Kentucky Fried Wings are available on demand, revolutionizing your gameday dining experience.”

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