Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Looking Forward Domino's Pizza Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat = Success is still True


Once again delivering success is the foundation of what Domino’s has done since its inception.  There is no company today that is better at Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared food delivery than Domino’s Pizza according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

If success does leave clues and it does Domino’s ability to take time testing systems, food, and service to understand the benefits, complications, and outcomes that will drive continue unit level success is one of the foundations of their success.  Foodservice Solutions® team calls this system Build, Measure, Learn, and Repeat and very few are better than it in the fast-food sector than Domino’s. 

Domino's Pizza was conducting a second round of self-driving delivery vehicle testing, with a focus in round two on the customer experience. This new two-month test in Miami, in partnership with Ford, will leverage the learnings of the first round of testing, but will add the element of delivery in a larger, urban setting. We are still looking for an update.  How about you?   This is going to happen and Domino’s will be there.

Back then Kevin Vasconi, executive vice president and chief information officer of Domino’s stated “Our first round of testing the customer experience in Ann Arbor provided some great learnings and insights, including the fact that there are customers who are interested in this as a delivery option.” 

Vasconi continued “Our testing is focused on the last 50 feet of the customer experience, between the front door and the car. While we work to refine that interaction, we also need to understand how operating this type of delivery in a more densely populated city will impact the customer experience and the specific delivery challenges it might present.”

In round two, a Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicle manually driven but outfitted to look like a self-driving vehicle will take deliveries from a Miami Domino’s store to customers who have ordered online and chosen to participate in the test. Participating customers will be able to track the vehicle via GPS and will receive text messages as the self-driving vehicle approaches. The texts will also provide them with simple instructions on how to unlock the Domino's Heatwave Compartment inside the vehicle using a PIN code.

“We’re a brand that believes in innovation, continuous improvement and rigorous testing to benefit our customers,” according to Vasconi. “As the automotive world evolves towards self-driving vehicles, we hope to put ourselves in a leading position by bringing our customers the delivery option that best meets their needs, now and in the future.” Are you getting your customers involved and then building, measuring, learning, and repeating? 

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