Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Aldi Freshens Up


The fastest growing grocery store in the U.S is Aldi.  They have plans to not only open up more stores, but drive incremental sales in existing units.  Recently Aldi unveiled the first Aldi Corner Store, a new local, art-infused, urban-oriented small format store that add customer focused fresh elements that will drive top-line sales and bottom-line profits according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Aldi the sister company to Trader Joe’s, tapped global design firm Landini Associates for a design that aims to move the traditional Aldi model to a fresh local format for urban settings. Created in close collaboration with the retailer's executives, the format builds on the success of Project Fresh, Landini Associates' nationwide redesign of Aldi Australia's large stores.

Huw Longman, director of the Aldi Corner Store project, stated, "Aldi is (are) proud to present an elevated, never-before-seen, convenience-driven store format that is both uniquely different and recognizably Aldi," …. "The new Corner Store layout is aligned to the needs of a local, largely walk-in customer base, with simple navigation, self-checkouts, fresh offerings, quality products and everyday low prices, with a nostalgic neighborhood feel."

So, Aldi is emphasizing urban locations, the project focuses on refurbishing existing buildings vs. constructing new properties to reach it growth targets. The Aldi Corner Stores continues to concentrate on its core items — grocery and fresh produce — which are now supplemented by a growing assortment of (grocerant niche) ready-to-go meals, convenience-based products, a new takeout coffee, and artisanal bakery offering. Millennials and Gen Z are migrating to Aldi in search of food discover as Aldi is well-known Special Buys are a major feature at the Aldi Corner Store.

Aldi is a recognized global food retail leader, so the design from Landini Associates highlights Aldi's dedication to corporate responsibility. To evoke a consistent brand atmosphere and customer experience, each Aldi Corner Store will feature sustainable materials such as pale brick, white tiles, blockwork, terrazzo, black steel and galvanized steel mesh, timber palettes, oak and walnut.

Get this, Aldi is opposed to featuring neighborhood photographs or signs describing each location, so the Aldi Corner Store design celebrates its communities through strategic local art partnerships. For the inaugural store, located at 99 Mount St. in north Sydney, Australia, local artist Joel Moore was commissioned to decorate both the interior and façade. That’s a good brand building move creating “my Aldi’.

Mark Landini, creative director of Landini Associates, stated "We wanted to create a solution that is both a design signature and memorably Aldi, but also something truly different," ... "We have ensured that each Aldi Corner Store will be recognizable and distinct, both in the design parameters and in this first store by commissioning a unique artwork."

While the Aldi Corner Store was commissioned by Australia for Australia, it must be noted that local smaller formats are becoming increasingly important globally. America is run separately from the other regions [at Aldi]; however, Australia has had a growing influence on the evolving design in other markets according to recent press reports.  Aldi, fresh, fast, affordable food discovery.

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