Thursday, August 11, 2022

Foodservice Competition Getting and Keeping Employees Matters


There is no doubt that getting and keeping employees is harder today than ever before.  I know those of us that have been around for 40+ year in the industry have heard that mantra time and time again.  So, it according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® what is new is the scope and size of the competition.  That is a game changer.

Consider this new partnership between Amazon one of the leading retailers in the world with Kaplan and Beyond 12 add to company’s Career Choice program.  Amazon employees will now be able to receive free career coaching, college advising and specialized career services through the company’s new partnerships with Beyond 12 and Kaplan. The services are being added to Amazon’s Career Choice program, which already provides prepaid college tuition to hourly employees.

Recent research studies have shown that higher education completion rates are lower for minorities, lower-income students, and part-time and older students, the e-retailer says it is investing in these programs to help employees get guidance and coaching to be successful in school. 

Tammy Thieman, global director for Career Choice at Amazon, stated, “While Career Choice has always been complemented by advisement services, feedback from participants has shown that more comprehensive and ongoing coaching would help employees choose programs better aligned to their career goals.

Thieman continued, “We want Amazon team members to successfully navigate the challenges of going to school while working and ultimately use their new skills to find incredible opportunities,” … “These partnerships with Beyond 12 and Kaplan are a game-changing enhancement to our program and the careers of Amazon’s employees.”

You might not know this but, national technology-based nonprofit Beyond 12 aims to improve the outcomes of students from under-resourced communities through live virtual coaching and a mobile app. Kaplan, meanwhile, will help connect Amazon employees to career services, networking, resume development, job interview preparation and online brand building services.

Greg Marino, CEO of Kaplan’s North America division, stated, “Kaplan is committed to helping people succeed, and this exciting new partnership with Amazon builds on our proud legacy of changing lives and building stronger futures,” .. “We’re thrilled to be empowering so many thousands of hardworking employees at Amazon and look forward to being at their side until they’ve reached their educational and professional objectives.”

Now you know that one of the industry leaders is doing.  Don’t give up, don’t give in, ask yourself, how are we different, what can we do? You have lots of other options.  Need so new ideations, call us.

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