Sunday, August 21, 2022

Success Grocerant Growth, The Food Hall in Trinidad and Tobago


At the intersection convenience and nutritious grocerant niche fresh Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food can be found now at The Food Hall in Piarco Plaza in Trinidad and Tobago. The grocerant niche continues to drive customer adoption, top-line sales, and bottom-line profits around the world.

That is the intersection where consumers want dinner but don’t want to cook, it is where the grocery store meets a restaurant; elevating the shopping experience and edifying a grocery brands customers base according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

What’s for dinner is more than simply grocery shopping today according to Johnson. Omar Hadeed, Jonas Zakour and Daniel Fakoory created The Food Hall, grocerant concept to provide a simple solution for their customers asking themselves What’s for Dinner. he one-stop shop with their "grocerant"– The Food Hall at Piarco Plaza on Friday.

So, the concept lets shoppers stock their pantries and not have to worry about what meal to buy since there is a buffet filled with different dishes to choose from. The chef's station is an interactive participatory platform for shoppers so they can see meals being cooked in front of them, learn new recipes and even sample them.

Zakour was recently quoted saying, “this project was born three years ago and though it took a long time to materialize, he was glad it can finally open its doors to the public. Hadeed expressed the same sentiments and added, "It's so exciting to see the space filled for the first time with customers enjoying the experience that we've presented."

The article continued, "We all come from different industries myself retail, Zakour distribution and Fakoory from the restaurant industry. So, we combined our skill sets all into one to try and make this a place that you know invites customers and gives them the ultimate experience at a fantastic price point. For us. It's about the joy that we see our customers getting and the community we are serving. We will be employing 140 people."

You are going to love this, The Food Hall will be occupying 36,000 square feet of space, 20,000 for the retail sector and 16,000 for the kitchen, bakery, two prep rooms and warehouse space. In the next six months, the stakeholders will be launching a click and collect room that will be 7,000 square feet for people to collect their groceries or their next meal. Yes, here is the best part! Hadeed could not give the exact cost of the facility, but said it's double what they had budgeted for the project. I know most all of our readers are saying to themselves been there, done that!

Though the grocery had only been opened for such a short time, Hadeed has already started wondering and thinking of when the next grocerant will be opened.

Hadeed stated, “we don't look at ourselves in a supermarket. We didn't come into the space to compete against other supermarkets. We're full hybrid grocerant mixed between a grocery and a restaurant. We're preparing chef quality means a lot of our staff on the back in come from the restaurant industry."

Location, location, location, “why the Piarco Plaza was their choice for the placement of the grocery. He said there are almost 100,000 people within a four- or- five-mile radius. He added that the Piarco International Airport is in close proximity as well as several industrial parks filled with employees. Hadeed said there are too few options in the area and so set themselves apart by catering to customers for their next meal.”

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