Monday, October 17, 2022

Franchisees Can Lead the Way When Empowered


Success does leave clues and following consumers is much better than watching them move forward without you. That according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® who stated “there is very little worse than doing the same old thing over and over again as you watch your customers move on.”

Did your restaurant brand at one time have a ‘halo’ of better for you in the minds-eye of the consumer?  Has your restaurant been adding more customer traffic year over year?   If not, you might want to reread this next sentence a couple of times. According to NACS, online research accounts for 80 percent of product discovery. Our Grocerant Guru® asks, “are you messaging in the right online space for your brand to become discovered?

Today, customers are using smartphones and other technological devices to discover what's out there, what they want and who has it. For example, customers are simply typing or asking a question on their digital devices, such as: "Hey Siri/Alexia, where is the nearest place to buy a cigar?" or "Where is the nearest place to get an iced coffee?"

Where’s a better way to get your pizza delivered. The largest Pizza Hut franchisee in California, American West Restaurant Group, is partnering with ElectraMeccanica, manufacturer of the revolutionary single seat electric delivery vehicle, the SOLO Cargo, to disrupt pizza delivery. The goal is to make it fun for drivers and consumers, more profitable for businesses and better for the environment.

Do you remember when your brand created “buzz’?  Once again are you building year over year customer counts?


·         American West Restaurant Group is partnering with ElectraMeccanica, manufacturer of the revolutionary single seat electric delivery vehicle, the SOLO Cargo, to make pizza delivery fun for drivers and consumers, more efficient for the business and better for environment.

·         ElectraMeccanica’s SOLO Cargo vehicle is purpose-built with fleets in mind

·         The first partnership program for the SOLO Cargo rolls out 14 vehicles to multiple Pizza Hut locations in Southern California

·         This program allows AWRG to change the way companies, franchises, drivers and even customers think about delivery



·         Delivery, as a process and a 360-degree experience, is ripe for improvement

·         AWRG operates in densely populated areas in dire need of not just more electric vehicles, but different ones better suited to crowded streets and parking lots

·         Pizza Hut already does extremely well delivering hot reliable product to their customers, but by adding a temperature-controlled cargo space, will continue to improve the delivery experience all around.

·         Drivers won’t have to worry about the wear and tear done to their own vehicles when on the job, while driving something fun and green, with some of the same maneuverability and ease of parking they’d have using a motorcycle to navigate crowded streets

·         Franchisees get a bright, branded Pizza Hut vehicle, and more substantively, businesses can take the liability off their drivers and offer something safer than alternative delivery methods like bikes and scooters

Success does leave clues. One clue that time and time again continues to resurface is “the consumer is dynamic not static either evolve with the consumer or get left behind”.  Regular readers of this blog know that is the common refrain of Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  Our Grocerant Guru® can help your company edify your brand with relevance.  Call 253-759-7869 for more information. 

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