Monday, October 31, 2022

Kroger New Technology Enables Shopping Carts to Double as Check-out Lanes


In case you have not heard, Kroger has some new technology that they are testing. They are KroGo carts powered by Caper, which debuted last week in Ohio, include scales and cameras for a seamless shopping trip.  Think about it, no waiting in line at Kroger.  Hard to believe but it may be coming to a store near you according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

So, Kroger Co. held a ribbon-cutting ceremony late last week at a Monroe, Ohio, location to unveil the grocer's “store of the future” featuring KroGo carts—a tech-savvy shopping cart that looks to make checkout-free grocery shopping even faster.

KroGo is an enhanced shopping cart that features a built-in scale and camera for shoppers to quickly shop and check out from their cart, through a partnership with startup tech firm Caper.

Kroger spokeswoman Erin Rolfes, stated, “We think it’s going to be game-changing.”… “What customers are going to see that’s very different from other stores is that front end where they check out.”

Kroger’s has a goal of a seamless shopping experience the grocery retailer said the KroGo cart allows shoppers to complete their transaction all within the cart and exit quickly through the self-checkout area.

Launching the high-tech carts is not a labor-saving tool, Rolfes said. Instead, the store is hiring even more workers.

Rofes continued, “With this store we not only didn’t reduce labor costs, we hired additional associates to help us manage the carts and help get customers interested in using them (and) explaining to shoppers how to use them.”  Are you looking for ways to save your customers time?

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