Thursday, January 5, 2023

Restaurants Lookout Royal Farms Free Fresh Fast Coffee Will Garner New Customers

Worried about capitulating more customers?  If your year over year customers counts continue to track down and you are raising prices your problems are not over.  According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®, “Royal Farms ability to target a single daypart with a price promotion for Coffee will garner the attention of fast-food restaurant customers.  In addition, the trial period is long enough to expose those consumers to a new variety of fresh food options and in many cases faster service.

Welcome to Royal Farms, in 2023.  By introducing "Free Coffee Mondays" for RoFo Rewards members. The promotion will allow members to redeem a free, any-sized coffee, hot or iced, from Jan. 2 through Feb. 27 its assured that RoFo membership will grow.

The one free coffee reward will be gifted to member accounts on Sundays, allowing them to be redeemed the following day at any Royal Farms location. You understand that the free coffee is an interactive positive brand remined the day before you use it and then again on the day you use it! That’s a good step forward in 2023 for Royal Farms.

Frank Schilling, director of marketing and merchandising, stated, "During the cold winter months when daylight hours are shortened, we understand how our moods are impacted. At Royal Farms, we want to make these cold Mondays a little bit easier by giving our RoFo Rewards members something free and delicious to look forward to. We are excited to bring 'Free Coffee Mondays' to all our locations and reward our loyal customers with a free weekly mood booster.”

In case you did not know, Royal Farms has offered other limited-time services to rewards members in the past, including double points during the 2022 holiday season and a short-term expanded discount on gas purchases in its New Jersey stores.

Once again looking a customer ahead Royal Farms, updated its mobile app over the last year to include online ordering and streamline purchasing for customers.

Here is how to sign up and get the free coffee. Anyone that is not already a member looking to participate in "Free Coffee Mondays" can sign up for RoFo Rewards on the store's mobile app or on In addition to the current promotional offer, members receive two points for every dollar spent and one point for every gallon of gas purchased, allowing them to save money throughout the year, receive rewards for everyday purchases and earn fuel discounts when they upgrade to RoFoPay.

How are you planning to garner more customers in 2023?  Are you inviting consumers to you brand?

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