Monday, February 13, 2023

At Kum & Go Technology is Cleaning-Up


Are the front door windows clean at your restaurant, convenience store, or grocery stores?  That is the minimum benchmark for cleanliness that my mother drilled into everyone in our family before she will enter any retail food or beverage establishment.  

Did you know that 33% of every customer that enters your retail food establishment is there for the very first time?  It is really hard to get customers back if the price, value, service equilibrium is out of line.  Cleanliness is a qualitative attribute of service that can and is quantified by you customer every day.  

According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® 83.2% of consumers responses in January 2023 grocerant scorecards stated that they “want foodservice outlets clean.”

Convenience store retailer understands its customers want clean stores, they also know it hard enough to get employees and keep them.  So, Kum & Go is adding cleaning robots to all of its 400+ outlets.  In short integrating Cobi 18 cleaning robots will allow Kum & Go employees to spend more time interacting with customers, delivering fresh food options and more.

Cobi 18, is a floor-cleaning cobot.  That will allow Kum & Go to continue to live out its purpose to ‘make days better’ by freeing up associates to deliver more of the exceptional customer service its known for.

Marty Roush, vice president of operations at Kum & Go, stated, “Kum & Go’s continuous improvement culture drives us to find equipment and process improvements that make it easier for our store associates to execute,”. “The choice was easy given the full support model ICE Cobotics provides. We are excited to participate in the development of the Cobi 18 to support stores during times of staffing challenges. Our associates and customers think Cobi is fun, which means it gets used more than any scrubber we have utilized in our stores to date. We’re glad to have Cobi helping us elevate our associate and customer experience.”

Understanding that leveraging autonomous technology like Cobi 18 helps free up associates from repetitive work and allows them to focus on keeping shelves and coolers fully stocked, focus on delivering fresh food offerings and increasing engagement with in-store customers. All of this enhances the customer-centric community Kum & Go is known for.

In case you did not know, the Cobi 18 is designed for small spaces and easily navigates tight aisles around moving and stationary objects. It is an inexpensive way for convenience stores to innovate their focus on facility cleanliness. Cobi can easily be deployed multiple times per day to clean floors, ensuring customers experience a clean environment every time they walk through the door.

Kum and Go takes pride in its clean stores, and ICE Cobotics is committed to healthier environments through autonomous cleaning solutions. Together, the partnership takes cleaning to a whole new level.

Chris Wetmore, vice president of sales at ICE Cobotics, stated, “ICE Cobotics is proud to work with partners like Kum & Go who exhibit a commitment to innovation and enhance the guest experience in their impeccably clean stores,”… “The partnership and adoption of Cobi is a natural fit due to Cobi’s ability to help increase efficiencies and productivity by freeing up staff in busy convenience stores. We are excited to continue to work with Kum & Go and their amazing people as they implement cleaning automation across their footprint nationally.”

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