Monday, February 6, 2023

Portable Meal Components are for Eating-In while Eating-Out


Where are you selling meals and meal components? No one will dispute the fact that consumer like Eat-Out while Eating-In as documented many times over the past eight years by our own Grocerant Guru®.  In fact is the team at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® after identifying, quantifying, and qualifying Eating-In while Eating-Out has called it the new normal within retail foodservice and has become a mainstay of food retail in all retail food sector 2023 according to Steven Johnson.

Food research companies the ilk of The NPD Group have decided the team at Foodservice Solutions® was dead right, spot-on, and correct last year in their National Eating Trends Report NPD found that “Unlike recent generations, consumers today are shifting toward eating more dinners at home, including those purchased at restaurants” Think about it; eating-in while eating-out.  Have you connected with the team at Foodservice Solutions® on LinkedIn yet? Here is the link:

Regular readers of this blog know that, NPD found “the trend toward incorporating foodservice items from restaurants or retail into a “blended” in-home dinner is on the rise, NPD found. Consider just why this is some important. The NPD report found adults under age 40, which includes Millennials and Gen Z, as the primary consumers of the trend.   

Regular readers of this blog are also familiar with Foodservice Solutions® FIVE P’s of Food Marketing.  The Five P’s were vetted, when they were identified, quantified, and qualified. The FIVE Ps outlined seven years ago the undercurrents driving change within retail foodservice today.  NPD is catching on and catching up all the while doing a very good job.  

NPD went on to say “The lower cost to eat at home and higher cost to eat at restaurants, combined with the ability to order and have delivered just about anything online, are among the reasons consumers are eating more at home. Additionally, there are fewer Americans in the workforce today, due in part to a larger retirement-age population.”

Here’s our point today there is a reason we have over 355,000 followers on the business social media site LinkedIn.  Industry professionals know the team at Foodservice Solutions® and our Grocerant Guru® have been the leading foodservice insight, market positioning, and trend undercurrents experts for the past ten years.  We just wanted to thank you for flowing us asking us the best questions that push us to do our best for you and companies that want to move forward by Looking A Customer Ahead.  

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