Thursday, February 2, 2023

Grocerant Meal Components with Portability are Driving Food Sales


How are you garnering customer trial and adoption?  What is the cost of your new customer acquisition? If you don’t know according to the Grocerant Guru® you new customer acquisition cost are too high.

So, in a world full of choice consumers are opting to spend more time playing games on their computers, watching sports on their 65 Inch HDTV, phone, texting, talking, and shopping on a device rather than cooking from scratch at home according to Steven Johnson, who is the, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

The simple fact is consumers do not have the skill set to cook the full-flavored meals or meal components that they have grown up with, been exposed to, or sampled at street fairs. Consumers want fast, fresh and flavorful easy meals for dinner, and are looking for meal components that they can bundle into a customized family meal.  

As long as multi-generational family's gather for meals together, the demand for more divergent flavors continues to permeate. Grocerant mix and match bundled meal component offerings allow for increased family integration, understanding and acceptance in less time without a required cook from scratch skill set.

In the 1940's cooking from scratch was the normal. The average home cooked meal took 150 minutes to prepare. Everyone sat down at the table and enjoyed it or not but they all ate the same thing. Today's "home cooked meal" takes on average less than 30 minutes to prepared. In most cases at least two different entrées are served.

The average time spent inside a McDonalds in the 2,000 was 11 minutes. Today 65+ percent of all McDonald's food is sold via the drive-thru. U.S. fast-food chains are increasingly remodeling restaurants in an effort to garner additional drive-thru customers inside and increase sales, simple because the drive-thru can't hold all the cars.

Are you selling grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food that is portable?  How many items on your restaurant menu could be sold as a meal component?  How many items is your store could be prepared fresh and sold as Ready-2-Eat or Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared item?  Does your retail food-print look more like 1990?  Where is your customer relevance in the past, in today, or in tomorrow?

There are new companies that can help you evolve from yesterday to today’s with customer facing relevance. Have you heard about Hellometer?   Their service replaces legacy vehicle loop timer technology and helps operators grow revenue using cameras to measure and improve guest service speeds. Cameras in restaurants measure each guest’s experience from the moment they walk in (or drive up) through to order completion.

So, instead of waiting for bad reviews or operating blind, restaurateurs know exactly where and when they are losing revenue due to slow service Managers can quickly diagnose the root causes behind bottlenecks and slow-downs so they can address them. They can see, for instance, that one location has issues with taking orders and can then coach staff that aren’t sticking to the script. They may see that another location struggles with food prep, so they need to retrain their staff.

In addition, Hellometer has partnered with Intel, which allows us to offer restaurateurs a compact form factor (important in cramped kitchens) that delivers performance without the need of a separate graphics processor. In preparation for the launch of Intel’s new 13th gen Intel Core i7 processors, Hellometer is actively developing onto these next gen chips and is so far reporting nearly a 7% increase (30.72 FPS in 12th Gen à 32.80 FPS in 13th Gen) in inference speed.

In short, this technology is cost effective, easy to adopt and high impact, Hellometer enables restaurant operators to improve service speed by 47s on average. According to the operations research, for every 7 seconds stores can improve service speed, they see about a 1% increase in top-line revenue. The average quick service restaurant sees about $1.9M in revenue a year so that 47s improvement from Hellometer will mean about $130k in added revenue per location. Currently, over 20 of the world’s best service brands use and trust Hellometer today.

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