Friday, August 28, 2009

Central Market

I enjoy every time someone Emails me and asks have you been to Central Market? My answer is Yes, I have and I enjoy it as much as they obviously have. Here is an example from Central Markets home page that shows well they get it!
“Grab & Go
When time flies, you need a meal that’s ready for you on the fly. We’ve got restaurant-quality dinners for one, two, four or the entire family — just heat and eat. “

If you look at the picture above also from their home page you will see that it tells a story. That story in a visceral format, and it looks like a restaurant quality meal. I am convinced that is just what they are trying to convey. The Grocerant niche is about quality food presented in a contempaory manner that allows one to have what ever they perceive as a home cooked meal without the hassle of detailed cooking. Most families buy multiple different components to the meal because today today’s family do not all eat the same entrĂ©e for dinner, lunch or breakfast. Flexibility and convenience are key components and meals can be found from McDonalds to Wawa, Central Market to Safeway.

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