Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Following the retail food consumers footprint!

Consumers have never paid much attention to channel blurring. In industry speak that means buying a product from a sole source i.e. lumber from a lumber yard, phone from the phone company, burger only from McDonalds. Grocery stores sell pots, plants, and potpourri, Convenience stores sell Oil for your car, Olay, Olive Oil and of course both sell food. With little fanfare Noble Roman's Pizza has now introduce new products for multi-channel retailers. Consumer will buy food and products where ever it is convenient for them.
Noble Roman’s has announced that it has developed both a “take-n-bake pizza module” and a “grab-n-go system” both are designed to be vertical integrated into existing franchise programs. Here is a Restaurant company following the consumer, developing components to the franchisee system to allow growth for the franchisee, brand value for the consumer while building profits. These additional programs are designed for Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and can and should be utilized at traditional restaurant locations. Building new points of distribution builds top line sale and bottom line profits all the while extending the brands reach and maintain a focus on core food products! Noble Roman’s is on the right path. Does anyone have other examples of bundling products in different channels?

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