Saturday, August 29, 2009

What food menu is “better for you”?

With redistribution of foodservice marketshare is underway. The price, value, service, authenticity equilibrium is being reset and like many times before it is the customer that continues to lead the way. Most interesting is evolving consumer unique utilization of “better for you”.
Leading QSR companies are now bringing multiple product offerings to market all with the understanding of “better for you”. We find continued consumer interest in the so-called “better for you” offerings which are “green”, indulgent side (calorie, fat, salt loaded), or LTO’s featuring price points all the while still interest in low calorie options. “Better for you” means more than one thing.
If stock price and same store comps are a gage of which company is the winner at this point in time; the “better for you” price point, wins. We know after three successful visits, a new customer is formed. Those companies who are garnering new customers today will continue to be rewarded at least for two or three years. Success does leave clues. Is your compnay reading the right clues?

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