Saturday, August 8, 2009

Food bit’s & pieces!

  • Convenience store chain Lawson has installed electric-vehicle battery chargers at seven stores in Tokyo and Osaka, with plans to expand that number to 25 by next February, company officials said. With 42,000 total C-stores in Japan this chain is showing it is a leader and the C-store niche will not be left behind in fact leading the food industry is what they do best.
    This from Convenience store news “ Free coffee was an unexpected surprise when customers tried to pay for their cups Wednesday morning at the Kwik Trip here. One coffee customer handed the clerk $50 and said to use the change to pay it forward for others buying coffee.” Yes, C-stores have great customers as well! It’s not just a Starbucks thing! I love Kwik Trip!
    King Supers may well be the first Grocery store to have Health Care in all of there stores. What role will GMO foods play in the future pro-active or just positivie?

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