Monday, August 24, 2009

TESCO is gaining ground in the battle for US customers.

Empowering, enabling and efficient is how I would describe 7 Elevens newly remodeled units here in the Northwest. Empowering franchisee to provide higher quality, fresher food that is ready to eat or ready to heat ala the Grocerant niche. They have a long way to go in order to keep up with East Coast success the likes of Sheetz and Wawa, but they are clearly moving forward strongly.
Having just completed a Grocerant tour with three executives. I have to say that the tours participant’s comments about TESCO and it potential in the US were extremely positive! Even a skeptic like myself was please to see the efforts in package size, price points and obvious goals of customer frequency rather than focus on “basket size”. Cleary as the US consumer focus on ready to eat and ready to heat bundled portable food components, companies like TESCO will build a loyal fan base.
Supermarkets, Grocery stores and Dollar Stores continue to gain frequency when they increase the ready to eat and ready to heat food options. Success does leave clues and we are actively witnessing the sector continually do many things right and that just may be Fresh & Easy!

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