Friday, August 7, 2009


Mid August and everyone is out and about seemingly buying fresh fruit and produce at local fruit stands, farmers markets and from road side truck farmers. Fresh equates to authentic quality and value with consumers. How about your brand are you creating fresh new authentic experiences for your customers? Who will be the first to utilize the “POP UP Store” concept to showcase new food items for their grocery store, Supermarket or Restaurant?
Some Grocery stores are showcasing a fresh food out side of the store with a “farmer roasting corn”! This is close but not a full pop up. Others in the south have peppers be roasted outside the store. Both examples provide the customers an in-depth experience that is positive prior to even entering there store.
Every food retailer show utilizes “POP UP Stores” in their communities to showcase their best known and products and introduce new products to the market. The Grocerant niche is developing new products weekly at some locations but many go unnoticed. POP UP Stores provide you and opportunity to embed your brand, products while creating unique seasonal sampling opportunities. Sampling is the best way to capture new customers.

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