Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Hot button issues for food retailers.

Since 1991 here at Foodservice Solutions we believe that Differentiation dose not mean different! It means familiar. Consumers young and old are demanding more choice. Today that means they look for the choice in different ways, at different times. Why people eat and when they eat is paramount to where and what they will eat. More and more consumers of all ages are looking for food with fewer calories, less fat or bolder flavors.

Positioning consumer friendly options directly for the consumer is always a win-win. Grocery, Convenience Stores, Dollar stores and Restaurant are all positioning food as better for you. Only in America do consumers believe that they can eat themselves thin!

Here are the 2010 Hot button issues for food retailers:

1. Unemployment continues to be a drag on all sectors.

2. Higher Gas prices are creeping back and another drag on all sectors.

3. Uncertainty on Health care cost are holding companies back or so they say.

4. Industry consolidation in each sector will create new competition.

5. Competition across traditional channels –Food channel creep

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