Monday, January 25, 2010

Food retailers in 2010 winners will see US same store year over year growth.

Winston Churchill once stated: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
Consumers have increased there spending at grocery stores creating discontinuity in the restaurant sector. Yum brands has several concepts that are lagging within there niche in the US restaurant market. Yum’s focus on international growth too appease Wall Street investors has created quite an opening for there domestic competitors.

“Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (69 percent) think having better choices in the drive-thru at quick service restaurants would encourage them to eat better, according to the newly-released "America's Drive-Thru Survey"* commissioned by Taco Bell® (NYSE: YUM) to examine Americans' drive-thru attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Additionally, only half of Americans (50 percent) believe they can stick to a low-calorie diet while ordering through the drive-thru at quick service restaurants, while nearly 9 in 10 Americans (89 percent) would like to try better choices of their favorite menu items if they were offered.”

Here’s the rub, what consumer say they want to eat and what they buy have proven over the years to reflect quite a divergence. In the battle for share of stomach the retailer who best positions a blended set of better for you offerings with and equally blended consumer related marketing messages will win.

Abandoning one for the other simply will not work. Grocery stores and Convenience stores are focusing on the same set of issues. The successful players will create new items with identity that drive sales by daypart and region. Yum must understand Convenience stores and Drug stores now have Drive-Thru’s as well selling prepared better for you grocerant style food.

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