Friday, January 22, 2010

Food retailers must mix & match flavor and points of distribution for success in 2010.

Differentiation does not mean different in the foodservice niche, it means familiar. Consumers young and old are demanding more choice. Today that means they look for the choice in different ways, at different times. Why people eat and when they eat is paramount to where and what they will eat. More and more consumers of all ages are looking for food with fewer calories, less fat or bolder flavors. Going forward rood retailers must utilize a new set of metrics for success.

One good example of a vertically integrated ready-to-eat and or ready-to-heat quality portable -grocerant style food program that is not limited to traditional Restaurants, Grocery stores or Convenience Stores is run by Uwajimaya.

Uwajimaya is a pan pacific Supermarket chain that perfectly integrates ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat grocerant style prepared food into their weekly, monthly marketing advertising programs. Uniquely position they integrated a multi-ethnic ready to eat advertising with all other department products into their Flyers, radio and in store messaging.

The ability for them to focus on items the likes of “Draper Valley” Fryer Wings to “Niko Niko” Humbow and Mongolian Beef Sandwich is outstanding. Understanding product integration and channel blurring, Uwajimaya successfully mixes traditional and niche specific products in an inclusive style that is consumer friendly while being inviting and intriguing. Positioning consumer friendly options directly for the consumer is always a win-win.

Consumers are utilizing new tools to identify, quantify and qualify where and what they will eat. If your not currently cross positioning your product or menu in these new and exciting avenues of flavor, or new points of distribution. It might be time to think about.

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