Sunday, January 24, 2010

Multi channel food retailing, the way to go in 2010!

Convenience stores, Grocery stores, Drug stores and Restaurants are all creating new fresh prepared menu items with identity that are portable either ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat. These branded entrĂ©e’s or side dishes can be leveraged creating additional opportunity.

When successful menu development will create additional points of distribution via new channels of distribution. This is a brilliant way to extend the brand, the product and profitability. New channels are where current customers go and future customers of the brand will come from.

Consumer are not burdened with problems of channel blurring. Channel blurring is only in the mind of the brand marketer. If brand marketers are seeking top line growth and bottom line profits extending the brand into all channels will contribute to success. Brand marketers now have up too 7,000 new points of food distribution to contend with in the grocerant niche. Walgreens is entering the fresh food prepared and portable niche!

Running and hiding from consumers is not a strategy it is simply a failed tactic! This is 2010 not 1970 consumers are dynamic not static your brand should be as well!

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