Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It’s 5 PM in January where will you have dinner?

It’s cold, windy, snowy for most of the United States and it’s 5 PM, dark outside, the kids are hungry and you have noting in the house to eat. Your getting in the car to head home now what do you do?

What is your first choice stop and pick everyone up and go to a restaurant? Which one? Will it cost too much? Will everyone like that spot? How long will it take to bundle everyone up and sit down, order, eat and return home. Should I order from my I Phone and stop at the restaurant and pick up food? I guess the questions is How tired am I?

Second choice should I stop at Metropolitan Market, Central Market, HEB or Wegmans and pick up one ready-to-heat fresh prepared pizza, prime rib with all the trimmings and a chicken Cesar salad? Ok I’m set but will everyone else be happy?

I could simply stop at Wawa, Subway or 7 Eleven and get a fresh selection of prepared fresh sandwiches with fresh fruit on the side? What type of sandwich and what in the world do they want on them? OK I might give up?

I want to know where you go to eat at5PM in January and why? Email me privately or leave a comment below. Next week I publish the results of this completely unscientific results.

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  1. My favorite supermarket for "ready to eat" selections is Harris Teeter in Wilmigton, NC

  2. Harris Teeter was one of the first companies to do real well with grocerant ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food.