Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food retailer Super Max understands ready-to-eat meal bundling!

Photo taken by Steve Johnson it's not the best my fault not Super Max

In San Juan, Puerto Rico grocery retailer Super Max continues to build customer frequency utilizing grocerant style ready-to-eat foods to drive traffic. In the urban core of this wonderful old city Super Max has focused on hot food offerings in the deli area by daypart to build a vibrant grocerant business.

Incorporating choice in components options within each daypart, consumers are empowered to select flavor, texture or protein of choice. During the AM or breakfast daypart they feature a choice of four types of hot cereal and bundle the cereal with a coffee offering that is priced so well that I have never seen less that 4 people in line between 6 AM and 7 AM at a time. Having visited for three consecutive days, I have to say I just want too go back as well. The food is good, the feel is homemade and the service is respectful.

Super Max understands the need for service as well. The line is designed to move along in well for each daypart. The speed of service and consumer focus on choice is reminds me of Wawa’s AM coffee program, empowering, full of consumer choice of flavors and fast service.

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