Saturday, April 3, 2010

Better for you food; just might be better!

In a research survey issued by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) on Functional Foods, the survey found that “89% of Americans agree that certain foods can have benefits for long term health including reducing the risk of disease or other health concerns. Consumer identified the following:

1. Fruits and vegetables

2. Fish / seafood

3. Milk & Yogurt

4. Meat & poultry

5. Herbs & spices

What is most interesting to me is that the number one item on the list also appeared as the number one food preferred by college students in dorm meal plans for the past 20 years! Now think about it, our customers are looking for better for you product when they go out to eat and at home.

Grocerants are now providing more Apples via McDonalds and Burger King to family’s via Kids portable bundled Kids meal options than Grocery stores sell Apples. Prudent retailers will soon understand the power of the Grocerant niche! Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-Heat quality bundled meal options that are better for you, create demand and new avenues of distribution for product.

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  1. The only quibble I have about "healthy for you" is that Americans are notorious about saying one thing and doing another. We want to eat healthy, but only if it's going to taste like a cheeseburger with chili on top, LOL!