Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bundling retail foodservice success.

In 2010 success is defined with new metrics. Included are three key components that are required in foodservice today. The grab & go, take-away food, ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared fresh food niche continues to grow because operators are utilizing all three of these metrics.

First reward your best customers. Create a loyalty program that acknowledges they are special, while incentivizing additional trial. Programs that focus on; better for you / healthy / green platforms help drive an increase in sales while producing brand value incrementality.

Second update and accelerate the number of Limited Time Offers (LTO’s). Think outside the box here. This is retail foodservice; keep it fresh and relevant to time of year and surrounding social –cultural developments. LTO’s are leverage to contemporized relevance and a platform of open communication informing your customers you understand them.

Third Mix & Match offerings. Allow the consumer to build the special. Grocery stores via the deli do this the very best. Across the country from A & P, Publix, Safeway and Central Market all are dong a very good job. They all understand the consumers want to mix & match chicken, fish, pork or beef with rice, potato, or vegetables. In the restaurant sector Dairy Queen had done it the very best.

“Dairy Queen’s value menu gives customers the freedom of choice, allowing them to mix and match nine menu items, choosing two for $3, three for $4 or four for $5, which is just one point of differentiation from its competitors. In all, customers will have more than 20,000 combinations to choose from. Sweet Deals includes full-portion menu choices such as the signature Dairy Queen cheeseburger, a classic all-beef hot dog, the new chicken wrap, French fries, onion rings, a side

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