Friday, April 30, 2010

Fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food has found a home in C-stores.

David Portalatin, industry analyst for NPD’s convenience store channel research recently revealed via a new channel study that ‘Mid-to-late thirty something’s, tend to buy more convenience store prepared foods, as convenience is key to this demographic.”

In addition using fresh food as an example of the aging curve's impact on purchase incidence, Portalain’s NPD’s report found that young adults tend to purchase less prepared convenience store foods as they age within the 18–33 brackets. “Fresh food” was defined as food prepared on site, including pizza, burgers, and some fresh fruits and veggies.

While the convenience store niche continues to expand it’s offerings of grocerant style fresh prepared food. It was interesting to note that as consumer age particularly boomers they are looking for healthier food options. The trend for fresh prepared better for you food looks as if it a perfect fit for the convenience store sector. The upside is current consumers will be happy with the fresh options and additional (boomer) will not only take a look but will follow.

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