Thursday, April 8, 2010

Menu mavens delight at options available in the fresh prepared grocerant niche.

The tables are turning and consumers are finding innovation, excitement and sophisticated choice in fresh prepared food in Grocery stores, Convenience stores. This is complementing very well what they have for years found in restaurants. The new paradox for consumers is where to shop? Grocery, Convenience store or take away from restaurants.

I will list three sets of menu items; A, B, C. The first person to Email me and list in order which sector each menu grouping came from will win a Starbucks gift card. The sectors of choice are: Grocery, Convenience Stores and Restaurants. Grouping A:

1. Potato Crusted Dijon Salmon

2. Corned Beef ∧ Cheddar on Rye

3. Red Pepper Risotto

4. California Chicken Salad

Grouping B:

1. Lager Battered Fried Shrimp

2. Sweet Potato Salad

3. Wild Mushroom Farro

4. Almond Cream Torte

Grouping C:

1. Pasta with Vodka Blush sauce

2. Edamame Succotash

3. Turkey Club on Flatbread

4. Raspberry-White Chocolate Cake

I will post the correct order and the winners name 12 hours after the win. GOOD LUCK

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  1. Winner was Marc Haskel

    A. grocery
    b. grocery
    c. grocery

    There were 11 with two out of three! Thank you all for playing.