Monday, June 1, 2015

Amazon Fresh as Simple as Point Click and Eat

Once again we must talk about Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery company that Amazon  operates in parts of Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey, is a new service and the next step for Amazon if finding a ‘last mile solution’ according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.  

Easy Access is the Point 

Amazon has developed a Amazon Fresh App or customers can find Amazon on-line. The Amazon Fresh app is a platform for fast service or consumers can use the traditional method simply by visiting, log-in, and start shopping. 

The Click

Amazon consumers can choose an “Attended Delivery,” where groceries are delivered in plastic bags and must be received by the consumer, or an “Unattended Delivery,” where the food is delivered to a consumer’s doorstep in temperature-controlled tote bags.

Same day and next morning delivery is available and, for consumers who spend more than $50, delivery is free. Along with groceries, Amazon Fresh delivers toiletries and prepared meals if you are a Amazon Prime member.

The Eating

So, you still have to put fresh delivered food away, and if you did not buy Amazon’s Ready-2-Eat or Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared grocerant niche meal components you still have to cook.  The best part is of course the eating.  Amazon is making life ‘better for you’.  Remember Amazon Fresh is a simple as Point, Click and Eat!

The Why

Price just maybe the why.  Bloomberg did a comparison of the four companies and concluded that Amazon Fresh is the cheapest service in the New York area. Amazon Fresh is also well-rated on the Amazon website and on Yelp. The main problem that consumers seem to have is price. Amazon is developing private label products that will continue to drive down cost making the service even more compelling. 

They Are Not Done

Yes, keeps one step ahead of its competitors. “Amazon has integrated two new products to work in conjunction with Amazon and Amazon Fresh. The first is Amazon Dash. Amazon Dash is a device that customers use to order their groceries on Amazon Fresh via speech or barcode scanning. The device connects to the Amazon Fresh app or website via wifi and customers can review the products that they have requested before placing an order. The device is available by invitation only and is helpful for people who can never seem to remember their grocery lists.”

The next “device is the Amazon Dash Button. Considered at first to be an April Fool’s joke, the device is mounted in a convenient place and programmed to order a certain product (soap, cereal, razors, etc.). When pressed the product is ordered and automatically shipped to the customer’s door. The Amazon Dash Button, like Amazon Dash, is still by invitation only.”

Amazon is the Milkman

Remember the Milkman?  Amazon has found its last mile solution in fresh food delivery.  In ten years or less Amazon will have a Milkvan, Milktruck, or Mailtuck on your street twice a day at minimum. Thinking big is not a problem at Amazon.  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® says ‘What goes around, comes around’ the food industry has not changed very much in the past 100 years.  We had corner stores then and daily milk delivery and we will soon have it again.  Success does leave clues. 

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